Teyon and WaiS Co. Ltd. have teamed up to bring their text and voice chatting app for the Nintendo 3DS, Chat-A-Lot, to the North American eShop starting this Thursday, 20th November for $7.99. Originally developed in Japan by WaiS Co. Ltd. and localised for the western regions by Teyon Games, Chat-A-Lot is a bright and colourful app with some robust communication features such as group text chats with up to ten participants or group voice chats with up to four friends from around the world. Chatters can also take advantage of a mood-adjustable avatar system, and share stickers and drawings with each other.

Clearly a family-friendly application, Chat-A-Lot's interface can add and remove friends on the 3DS' friends list directly, and features a password-protected system of strict parental controls for all-ages safe chatting. A release date for Europe has not been set yet, but is expected to follow soon.

Does Chat-A-Lot look like just the thing to fill a functionality gap on your 3DS? Let us know via text in the comments as the Nintendo Life offices can no longer accept carrier pigeon - the birdseed had to be cut from our operating budget.