Smash3 DS

Plenty of 3DS owners have been enjoying Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS over recent weeks, though it's not been without its hiccups. We're already up to version 1.03 as the development team updates the title to eradicate glitches and improve balancing.

It seems a small number of gamers, meanwhile, have been particularly unlucky in incurring the wrath of the automated online moderation system. In principle the idea is sound, as those that play unsportingly, rage quit or otherwise disrupt the experience are given temporary bans. The trouble is that some are experiencing a glitch that's prompting a 136 year ban, which could be down to a simple coding error that's distorting a value that should be far lower. It appears to be a punishment for targeting another player excessively in online 'For Fun' matches in four player brawls; as that mode is designed for light-hearted, accessible matches, it's no surprise that the game is dishing out bans. It's also hitting people that rage quit — it seems clever enough to not punish those whose internet connection drops — but clearly the ban length is an error.

This seems to be a rare glitch at the moment, but is clearly no fun for those affected. The key advice is to avoid targeting one player in For Fun online and to not rage quit, which are both standard rules; it wouldn't surprise us if there's an update 1.04 in the relatively near future to address this issue, however.

Thanks to Aeruon for the tip.