Paper Monsters Recut

The Wii U eShop has had its share of enjoyable releases recently, and another to make its presence felt is Paper Monsters Recut, a platformer originally released on smart devices that has been re-purposed and improved for the home console. It arrived in North America in mid-October, though publisher Mobot Studios has now pinned down a European release date.

It'll hit the EU on 13th November, with prices set to be the equivalent of the $7.99 asking price in the US; it's listed as £5.49 on the UK eShop. We enjoyed this one in our Paper Monsters Recut review, saying the following as we awarded it 8/10:

Mobot Studios clearly put a lot of effort into this title, adding a new overworld and several new levels. The use of a physical controller as opposed to an iOS touch-screen makes Paper Monsters Recut the definitive edition of the game; though Paper Monsters Recut does unfortunately falter a bit technically, this lovingly crafted platformer is a fine addition to the eShop.

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