As the tagline and latter half of this post suggested, there's always a possibility that footage and events like these are 'staged' for publicity. Now we've been directed by a few to a Reddit thread that highlights an apparent GameStop casting call looking for actors with "some skill" in Smash Bros. to play the young girl through the day as a "hidden camera job". The website in question appears to be limited access as it's a paid service for actors and related 'talent' in LA. This would reinforce the suspicions that already surrounded the event, and attempts at 'viral' marketing like this are common.

It's all unverified, though some that believe the ad post to be legitimate are criticising @BlackNerd and Smash Invitational Announcer D’Ron “D1″ Maingrette for their involvement, if there was indeed skullduggery afoot in which they were participating.

Marketing trickery or a completely random, fun event? That's for individuals to decide.

Original Article:

It's now less than two weeks before Super Smash Bros. for Wii U arrives in stores — in North America, at least — which means the hype for the fourth home console entry in the fighting franchise will continue to grow. Various stores will be hosting events for the game, in all likelihood, and one has caught the attention of the competitive Brawl and fan scene in past 24 hours.

Apparently the West Hollywood GameStop was hosting an event for the game when a 10-year-old competitor, Karissa, began to pull off surprise wins against seasoned players, some of which are regarded as thoroughly competent brawlers; with credibility to lose, too. Those at the event began to hit up Twitter, with the well known Andre @BlackNerd joining in.


She reportedly showed strong form with Rosalina, while also getting filmed over the course of 20 minutes+ utilising Sheik, King Dedede, and Diddy Kong. You can see that below but be advised, there are some moments of strong language.

Karissa is certainly full of confidence, but it's worth highlighting that Shoryuken has pointed out the possibility that this could be a clever marketing campaign as opposed to a spontaneous event. The presence of well known figures with lots of Twitter followers — such as @BlackNerd and Smash Invitational Announcer D’Ron “D1″ Maingrette — reinforce that possibility. If Karissa starts appearing in commercials, on TV or at other events, it could be the case that Nintendo identified her abilities and 'planted' her at the event.

Even if that's the case, would that diminish her impressive ability? We'd argue not, as she certainly looks capable in the video — in any case, judge it as you will.

Whatever the reality, it's an entertaining watch. Would you fancy your chances in a 1 vs 1 match with Karissa? Let us know.

[source shoryuken.com]