Official Tourneys

Today's Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct was full of details around Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, with a particularly exciting announcement being customisable and official Tourneys; these won't be available on launch day, however.

When they do arrive, though, they look promising. Standard Tourneys are rather similar to their equivalents in Mario Kart 8; users can create up to two at a time, and various rules and customisations can be made. From the brief snippets shown you'll be able to set timeframes, win requirements, stage types and number of participants, along with other options. Official Tourneys, meanwhile, will be 64 player battles of survival as you try and advance through knockout rounds; it'll be possible to watch replays of all matches.

Details were scarce, and it'll "take a little while" for the modes to arrive in the game, but they will hopefully flesh out the experience and allow online communities to easily play each other. Yes, we're planning to host Nintendo Life Tourneys.

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