Stone Shine

Throughout human history we've had various eras in which one resource or object is craved in great numbers — we had the gold rush in the US, the coal rush wherever it's found, Rush the movie, RUSH the game and plenty more besides (you got a bit lost there - ed). We're now in the midst of the Minecraft rush on Nintendo hardware, it seems, with barely a day passing before another indie effort replicating — or being "inspired by" — the Mojang behemoth. It's rather like the Flappy Bird clone bonanza of earlier in the year, albeit not even on the same scale of insanity.

The latest to throw its hat into the ring is Stone Shire from Finger Gun Games, a two man studio. It's a "voxel-based game inspired by Minecraft, Dwarf Fortress, and DnD", with a heavy emphasis on the former, with the developer explaining that the GamePad is well suited to the genre; the 3DS is on the cards should this entry be successful. Being produced in the Unity engine and with procedural worlds, it'll be kept simple and without a levelling system, though there will be enemies (such as goblins) along with the usual traits of exploring, mining and building.

This joins Battleminer on 3DS — which is due soon — and the recently announced U Craft that's in development for Wii U. How well these titles deliver will be interesting to see.

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