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As we begin to swelter in the summer months, Disney is doing its bit to distract children from wanting more ice cream by bringing Planes: Fire & Rescue to theatres, with screenings kicking off this week in some regions. It's naturally taken the chance to reveal that Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue will also be released worldwide as a video game during the Fall season; like its predecessor it'll be exclusive to Nintendo hardware, arriving on Wii U, 3DS, DS and Wii.

Development duties once again fall to Little Orbit, seemingly the go-to studio for licensed games, including its recent efforts with How To Train Your Dragon 2. The storyline will follow on from the second Planes film, meanwhile, with the press release blurb below outlining some details on the content that'll be included.

Inspired by Disney’s adventure-comedy adventure film, the video game continues the storyline as players join the Piston Peak Air Attack team to fight fires and rescue those in need. Kids will embark on an adventure playing as any one of nine playable characters from the big screen including world-famous air racer Dusty and a new crop of characters Blade, Dipper, Dynamite and more! Together, kids will combine heroic action and teamwork as they scoop up water, drop smokejumpers and bulldoze debris in an effort to battle massive wildfires.

Players will soar across rich environments that feature iconic monuments and structures from the film as they participate in two exciting modes of play: Fire & Rescue and Training Academy. Take to the skies with 12 story missions and more than 30 training academy missions as players operate planes, helicopters and ground vehicles as to respond to emergencies. Heroes in training can “earn their wings” as they progress through training and story missions to reach new heights!

That all sounds jolly, though we also know that these games licensed on children's movies can have a sketchy record. We gave the first Planes game a reasonable recommendation in our Wii U review, however, so there's perhaps some cause for optimism.