DLC Rumour

Update: We've received some further information that suggests these images are indeed fakes, good job you kept that salt handy, right?

Original Article:
E3 mania is well and truly underway, with screens now emerging of a potential Mario Kart 8 DLC leak that could be confirmed during Nintendo's Digital Event. Strap yourselves in and keep some salt handy.

To start with the screen above, it shows what looks like an expanded roster, with Professor E. Gadd, Kamek, Birdo and Plessie joining the ranks. The screen below is perhaps more interesting, as it points to two new Battle modes on the way — "Shine Thief" and "Bob-omb Blast", which were both seen in Mario Kart: Double Dash. In Shine Thief teams would fight over ownership of the Shine, while Bob-omb Blast is rather self explanatory.

DLC Rumour ONE

A close-up of the top of the TV does appear to show this as having a "Mario Kart DLC Pack" sign, reinforcing speculation that this would be a feature of the latest entry. Bear in mind at this stage that this is only a rumour, though we do think that these images look legitimate.

If true, what do you think of this potential leak? Would you like these DLC extras in Mario Kart 8?

Thanks to Orromov for the tip.

[source gamrconnect.vgchartz.com]