Tomodachi Life - Dami Im - X Factor Winner

Followers of the Aussie edition of reality music competition The X Factor will be more than familiar with Dami Im – winner of the fifth series of the X Factor in 2013 whose single ‘Super Love’ is currently taking the charts by storm down under.

Now though, Dami will be embarking on a new adventure as the official Nintendo Ambassador in the latest 3DS social sim, Tomodachi Life. Nintendo of Australia has today revealed fans of the talented South Korean-born singer will as of next week be able to find out about all of her “quirky” Tomodachi Life stories in a series of YouTube episodes. With any luck, local players will also receive her Mii at some point.

As many Nintendo fans will already know, this isn’t the first time the company has used a popular celebrity, musician, or actor to sell its products. Previously on the Aussie front we’ve seen the likes of Delta Goodrem, known for her singing abilities and role in iconic Australian television soap opera Neighbours, and Olivia Newton John, best known for her role as Sandy in the film Grease.

In addition to when the game launches locally in Australia on 7th June, players will also receive two free download codes with their copy of game for Tomodachi Life: Welcome Version (essentially a trial version) – which allows two other players to test out this new and exciting social experiment on their own 3DS system; that same promotion has been offered in other regions. Playing the Welcome Version of Tomodachi Life will put players in the running for a rare panda suit item in one of eight colours along with the ability to transfer their trial character across if they purchase the full version of the game.

If that's not enough, Nintendo has also released a Mii Personality Test on the official Tomodachi Life website to help players discover which personalities their Mii might have with a series of questions and scenarios. The results will reveal character traits as well as the décor and outfit that would perfectly match them.

Let us know in the comments if you’re a fan of Dami Im and how you feel about Nintendo using famous people to sell their products, or tell us who you plan on giving your free download codes to – and what your results were on the Mii Personality Test.