Gears Wii U Promo

If you've been unhappy with the relative squareness of Nintendo's eShop lately then weep no longer — some majorly spherical action is coming your way soon. Having enjoyed a popular run — or rather roll — on iOS devices with a reported 1.5 million downloads to date, Mobot Studios has been in touch to confirm that it will be porting and publishing hit title Gears to Wii U for release sometime this Spring. It was originally released on the Apple platform by the prolific Crescent Moon Games.

Players will navigate a ball through three highly stylized worlds, all with their own unique take on a steampunk aesthetic. From lava-filled caverns to lush green heights, the titular gears serve as a challenging series of platforms above a perilous drop. Like other games in the 3D ball-roller genre, the mechanics of rolling around and manipulating obstacles should be easy to pick up, but four difficulty settings should keep things interesting.

A few changes will also be made specifically for the game's release on Wii U, including:

  • Complete graphics overhaul for the big screen
  • New higher res textures
  • Real-time lighting and shadows
  • New Gamepad functionality

The iOS version featured a choice of either tilt or touch control schemes, both of which the GamePad is more than capable of handling along with analogue and button inputs, so it wouldn't come as a surprise if this carried over to the updated version.

Is this one you'll be keeping an eye on? Let us know in a comments below if that Spring release window is looking mighty appealing.