Need for Speed Most Wanted Wii U- Screenshot 6

Criterion co-founder Alex Ward recently parted company with the studio to found his new firm, Three Fields Entertainment. Yesterday, he took to Twitter to partly explain the reasons behind this move, as well as highlighting some of the issues he and his staff faced when porting Need for Speed: Most Wanted to the Wii U.

The conversation was kicked off with Ward's assertion that Three Fields will support every platform on which it can self-publish, to which one Twitter follower replied that they hoped Wii U would be included.

What followed includes some bad language, so be warned...

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It's clear that Ward and his team poured a lot of love into the Wii U version of Most Wanted, and to hear that both Nintendo and EA refused to give it the appropriate marketing push — even after Ward and his team meet with them personally to request it — is somewhat shocking, especially on Nintendo's part. Granted, Nintendo didn't publish the game, but Sony and Microsoft often spend cash to promote third-party titles on their consoles, and the Wii U has been in dire need of quality AAA software over the past year. Why EA chose to bankroll the port and then allow it to die a slow death at retail is another mystery.

Ward has clearly been burned by his experiences with Nintendo, so do you think he can be blamed for not viewing the Wii U and 3DS as viable platforms for future development? Should Nintendo have been expected to market the game when EA couldn't even be bothered itself? Was the idea of releasing an port months after the game had hit other platforms a broken one from the beginning? Share your feelings by leaving a comment below.

Twitter screengrabs courtesy of Nintendo Everything.