Razor Wiiu

Do you have scooter skills? Or even 'skillz'? Are you wondering why we're going on about scooters on Nintendo Life? Well, Razor Global Domination Pro Tour is coming to the Wii U — as well as Xbox One and PS4 — in 2015; it'll be published by Scarab Entertainment and developed by eShop download favourites Renegade Kid.

Scarab Entertainment owns the video game license for Razor USA LLC, which is a thing where skilful dudes in helmets do tricks on scooters. As this writer is a Brit pushing 30 it's an alien world, but we imagine it's not dissimilar to skateboarding with a big handle. Below is an excerpt from a press release that knows a lot more about scooters and says 'Razor' a lot.

Razor Global Domination Pro Tour is a robust freestyle scooter experience, where you flip grab, spin, and grind your way to victory by performing dozens of freestyle scooter tricks. Customize your apparel and gear to personalize your Team Razor rider. Enhance your performance and take your Razor scooter to new heights with special upgrades that award you with increased speed and extra airtime. Travel around the world visiting unique skate parks, street jam sessions, and dirt tracks to demonstrate your skills.

With Renegade Kid's experience developing trick-based games such as ATV Wild Ride 3D and a concept that could have a Tony Hawk style of play, this could be a fun title for next year.

Are you going to keep an eye on this one?