It's all three!

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed was one of the true gems of the Wii U's early software line-up, and until Mario Kart 8 crosses the finish line and hits store shelves it remains one of the console's best racers.

After a leaked reveal on Yogscast a short time ago, Sega has been tweeting various images over the festive period which showcase Shenmue's sailor-finding, forklift-driving Ryo Hazuki racing through the game's levels:

This led many to assume that Hazuki might be headed to either the PC version or the home console editions as a DLC character, but Sega's latest tweet seems to suggest that the images relate to the iOS and Android ports of the title, which launch today:

Of course, even if Ryo is making his debut on mobile — we're still attempting to get clarification on this — that doesn't mean that he'll be stuck in the world of smartphones forever. The leaked footage on Yogscast would certainly suggest that he's not limited entirely to mobile.

However, the excitement doesn't stop there. Gametrailers has spotted that the licence plate of Hazuki's OutRun arcade cabinet transformation has "SHEN 3" written on it — a hint that the long-awaited Shenmue 3 is in development, or a simple case of Sega and Sumo Digital trolling fans for kicks? Sadly for long-suffering Sega lovers, it's the latter.