Nintendo Land Zelda 03

At the beginning of this month Nintendo of America cut the price of Nintendo Land in half, chopping the recommended charge from $59.99 to £29.99 in stores and on the eShop. That's certainly a tempting price for those that didn't get a copy with their system, and makes sense with new bundles mixing up the packed-in games.

In a slightly odd twist, however, the mini-game collection has now apparently been removed from the eShop in the region, despite the press release announcing the price cut confirming the discount would apply in stores and on the download platform. Users on NeoGaf noticed and, according to some, it's been gone for a short while. In Europe nothing's changed at the time of writing, with the game available on our UK system at the full price — there's been no formal discount in the region, though physical copies are often discounted by retailers.

This may be a deliberate strategy by Nintendo to drive physical retail sales, though unlike Wii Party U's absence from the download store we can't attribute the move to a desire to sell Wii Remote bundles.

If you are in North America and yet to own a copy, it looks like you'll need to head out to a store or online retailer to find it.