It's likely that anyone with a passing interest in Nintendo will be aware, by now, that Pokémon X & Y have been a major success since launch. The arrival of a new generation on 3DS was preceded by months of barely containable hype, and since hitting stores the two games have been breaking various sales records for the handheld.

Nintendo, unsurprisingly, is delighted to share the good news, and has now done so with a handsome demographic. Reflecting on sales data from U.S. sales alone, it shows that X & Y hit one million sales in the country on their opening day of release, smashing the previous record for a 3DS game — Mario Kart 7 — to hit the landmark. More than two million copies have been sold in the U.S. alone, which is around 1 in 5 system owners in the country; oh, and it's the fastest selling game — counting them as one — in 3DS eShop history.

The power of Pokémon is shown below, in all its glory.

Nintendo XYinfo V16[1]