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In a recent interview with Destructoid, Nintendo composers Mahito Yokota and the legendary Koji Kondo revealed a number of new details regarding their work on upcoming Wii U title, Super Mario 3D World.

In terms of how involved each composer has been involved with the game, Yokota acted as sound director and main composer, while Kondo worked on two tracks for the athletic and seaside stages. Toru Minegishi and Yasuaki Iwata also worked as composers on the game.

With regards to the new catsuit that appears as an in-game power-up, Yokota stated that he worked on a number of energetic themes so that the music reflected the idea of at least one cat frantically running around a number of the game's crazy stages. Many of the tracks were recorded from live performances and feature a number of sequences that are designed to imitate a cat's meowing.

SNES fans may be disappointed to hear that Super Mario 3D World doesn't include any remixed music from Super Mario World. However, Yokota was keen to point out that the game may include musical rearrangements from Super Mario Bros. 2, given the new game's similar emphasis on switching between multiple characters with different abilities.

Meanwhile, dog lovers will happy to hear that both Kondo and Yakota prefer the ever-loyal canine over cats — could it be that we'll see Dog Mario bark his way into future games?

Lastly, both composers had a message to give to fans of Super Mario's musical offerings to consider when playing through Mario's upcoming adventure:

Mahito Yokota: We've changed our musical aims here from the Mario Galaxy series, but I'd like to know what you think about this kind of Mario sound. It's the first multiplayer 3D Mario game, so hopefully you'll be enjoying this music while having a blast with your friends.

Koji Kondo: There are a lot of fun tracks here, a good match for all the variety in the stages and all the new ways to play. It's a new soundtrack for the Mario series, a lavish one with some live performances, and I hope you can enjoy it with family and friends as you play on a big screen.