Still stalking sales

The UK charts have emerged for this week, giving a picture of how Nintendo's games are performing in the British market; there's some decent news on the 3DS front, once again, but a continuing loss of momentum for the Wii U's latest big release.

The positive news is that Animal Crossing: New Leaf has continued to sell well even though it's been on the market for around two months, coming in at fifth place in the all-format chart. Some other 3DS titles are still hanging around in the top 40, too — Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is in 17th place, with Luigi's Mansion 2 and LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins occupying 22nd and 33rd place, respectively.

In a slightly disappointing week for the Wii U, Pikmin 3 has fallen back to 23rd place, underlying the limited user-base of the system and the brand's inability to shift significant numbers on its own; as part of a fleshed out library later in the year, however, it'll surely be a welcome addition.

Perhaps a special mention is also due for The Smurfs 2, which is on every Nintendo system except for Wii, as well as the Xbox 360 and PS3 — it's up to third place after a month on the market, despite not exactly being acclaimed as a quality release; the power of branding.