Jupiter Corporation's Picross series is gradually becoming a staple series on the 3DS eShop, providing a crisp, polished set of games based on the popular puzzle style. It's also a series that's had a sketchy release schedule in different regions, something that the publisher seems keen to resolve.

While Japan customarily receives these titles first, Europe enjoyed Picross e for nine months before it finally arrived in North America, while Picross e2 has been available in the EU since January this year with no release across the Atlantic. Jupiter Games has provided a press release to ease impatient minds, however, with e2 now due in North America and Brazil in late July; as there's only one standard Thursday update day left this month, 25th July seems very likely. Even better news is that Picross e3, available in Japan since 12th June, is slated for a September release in both Europe and North America, suggesting that the publisher has finally aligned its localisations across both territories.

We're rated these titles highly so far, with both scoring 8/10 in our reviews. Are you looking forward to more Picross goodness in the near future?