Wonderful news!

Last week we shared the happy news that eager European gamers could download Pikmin 3 early with GAME code purchases, which was great news for those planning to go the eShop retail route. Unfortunately, concern started to spread around the web when some Wii U Premium Pack system owners noticed that they hadn't received their Nintendo Network Premium points, and others received responses from Nintendo UK's Customer Services apparently stating that pre-release GAME code downloads wouldn't be eligible for the 30% off The Wonderful 101 deal.

Naturally, that caused a great deal of frustration, especially as GAME selling the Pikmin 3 eShop codes early — assuming it was without permission — was the fault of the retailer and the eShop platform, not eager consumers. We followed up with Nintendo UK to clarify the facts around the matter, and the good news is that, in both scenarios, those who downloaded the GAME codes early will eventually receive both Nintendo Network Premium points (if eligible for the programme) and 30% off the eShop download of The Wonderful 101. Nintendo UK's statement and details are below.

Eligibility for 30% Discount on The Wonderful 101

Users who download Pikmin 3 from Nintendo eShop on Wii U up to and until 21/09/2013, 22:59 UTC [are eligible], even if the download was made before the official release date of Pikmin 3.

Both Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 have to be downloaded using the same Nintendo Network ID on the same Wii U console.

Both purchases through Nintendo eShop and redemption of Download Codes (e.g. purchased from retailers) are eligible for the promotion.

The Wonderful 101 has to be purchased by 21/09/2013, 22:59 UTC using the same Nintendo Network ID that Pikmin 3 was downloaded with.

Wonderful 101 Discount Prices

EUR: 49.99 / 34.99
GBP: 39.99 / 27.99
CHF: 64.90 / 44.90
RUB: 2029 / 1419

Nintendo Network Points for Pikmin 3 Download

Due to technical specifications, it was not possible to automatically process downloads made before the official release date of Pikmin 3. We are looking into a solution and thank you for your patience while we resolve this matter.

This seems to resolve all potential issues that were feared over recent days, as both benefits to picking up the eShop version of Pikmin 3 will be honoured for those that downloaded the title early with GAME redemption codes, even allowing for a delay applying Nintendo Network Premium points.