Staying calm is the key to victory

Spanish indie developer Unnamed Stdio has set up a crowdsourcing campaign for its upcoming title Calm Night of Snowfall.

It's a first person survival horror game set in a wintery urban environment that, according to the developer, "hates you". Based on that, it could be Paris, but it's likely to be a fictional city as each time you play the level is randomly generated in order to give a different and unique experience every time.

Essentially, you awaken in an amnesic state in a strange room and in order to escape from the evil city you'll need to recover the keys required to unlock the exit. The cold is your greatest enemy and you'll need to take shelter in abandoned buildings should it get too nippy. Naturally, once you're indoors it's a bit dark, which all adds to the tension. Oh, and there's a creepy guy in a white suit wandering around who can instantly kill you should you let him near you - that's probably going to be a worry too.

Unnamed Stdio is looking to acquire €20,000 to bring Calm Night of Snowfall to Steam but it has also expressed its desire to release on the Wii U and in order to make that happen a stretch goal of €50,000 has been set. According to the developer, it has big plans for the way the game would be played on Nintendo's system and it wants to fully utilise the GamePad.

At the time of writing, the game hasn't received too much support but there are more than 200 days still to run in the campaign so who knows, it could make it.

Check out the trailer to the game along with the pitch below and let us know what you think to it in the comment section.

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