Mario and Luigi Banner

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team — known as Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. in Europe — hits in its European Bros. form on 12th July, and around a month later on 11th August in North America. As the latest in the adventure RPG series from AlphaDream, there's every chance that it could be a fairly lengthy — and of course quirky — title.

With so many 3DS gamers "going digital" due to the cart free convenience, we can let you know that the brother's latest caper will require 6,789 blocks of SD card memory, which equates to a smidge under 0.83 GB in real terms. For comparison, the hugely popular Animal Crossing: New Leaf is 6,336 blocks in Europe, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is 14,284 blocks and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D is a beastly 17,693 blocks. Overall, the new RPG will come in at the lower end of retail file sizes.

A small file size doesn't mean it won't be a big adventure, of course. Are you looking forward to Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, and are you considering going the download route?