Nintendo's relationship with EA has been a subject of much speculation as of late. It's been unclear whether or not the publisher considers the Wii U part of the next generation of home consoles alongside Sony's Playstation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One, and some of EA's major titles seem to be skipping Nintendo's Wii successor (notably, its sports titles).

EA label president Frank Gibeau has spoken out to clarify the situation. Speaking to Polygon, Gibeau insists that EA does consider Wii U a next-gen platform, but that they do not plan on having any games out for the console this fall:

We have a good partnership with Nintendo. We released four games on the platform over the last year and we're pretty proud of Need For Speed, and Madden, and FIFA and Mass Effect. We have guys that our looking at the Wii U in the studio system right now as an opportunity for the future, but we have no publicly announced Wii U games that we're going to release this fall.

When asked about the Wii U's standing as compared to other next-gen consoles, Gibeau had this to say:

We're really excited about the Xbox One and the PS4 and that's a pretty big endeavor in and of itself. We have four titles out on the Wii U that are active right now, so looking at how things unfold, that's where our focus is right now.

It's good to know that EA considers Wii U part of the next generation of consoles, but unfortunate for Wii U owners that there doesn't seem to be any of the publisher's titles on the horizon.

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