A bit of a sneak hit

Last week we were rather pleased to report that Luigi's Mansion 2 secured 5th place in the UK all-format chart for the second week running; maintaining a top 10 place beyond launch week is relatively rare for 3DS titles in the region. That was an excellent achievement, but even better news this week is that Luigi is still in 5th spot this week; while the absence of new releases helps, the green bro's adventure is competing with some big name multi-platform titles.

If that's a victory for the combination of an increasing 3DS userbase and a fantastic game, there are less positives on the Wii U front. There are no Wii U exclusives in the UK top 40 this week, though there are some multi-platform titles where the system may be contributing some sales. Even so, it looks like results for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and LEGO City Undercover have been modest in the UK, though there may be happier sales figures elsewhere in Europe, PAL regions and North America.

That aside, it's another excellent week for Luigi and the 3DS in the UK; well deserved it is, too.

[source ukie.info]