Better than $39.99, we might add

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is one of the most anticipated 3DS titles of 2013 and we're just about two months away from seeing it arrive. With the game doing sensationally well in Japan, there's no doubt that North American and European 3DS users are looking forward to its release this June.

With the game being so close to launching, owners of the handheld can search for the game on the eShop and are greeted by a reasonable $34.99 price tag when they do. Normally, first party titles are priced at $39.99, so it's nice to see a small discount, even if it is $5. A little goes a long way.

Earlier this week, Nintendo fed our greeedy little selves with a new trailer for the upcoming simulation title.

What are your thoughts on the price of Animal Crossing: New Leaf? Do you think future first party titles will stay within this price range? Let us know in the comments section below.

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