Last week, Nintendo confirmed that the Wii U would be getting its very own Virtual Console service, allowing owners to play retro classics from yesteryear.

If you're a longstanding Wii owner who likes to play NES, SNES and Mega Drive games, you may be wondering to yourself if all those hours of effort you put into The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past are going to be coming along for the ride when you re-purchase the game on your Wii U. Sadly (and depressingly true to form) that isn't going to be the case - Wii Virtual Console saves won't be compatible with Wii U Virtual Console titles.

Nintendo has confirmed to Kotaku that there are two ways of enjoying retro titles on the Wii U:

1) Transfer your Wii's data to your Wii U, then go into the Wii Menu and play them as normal, save data and all.

2) Transfer your Wii's data to your Wii U, then pay a nominal fee ($1 for NES games, $1.50 for SNES games) to re-buy those games on the Wii U's VC so you can play them on the GamePad and access them directly on the Wii U's normal menu.

One important part, which Nintendo didn't state last week but clarified to Kotaku today: you can't transfer your save files using option #2. If you re-buy your VC games for the Wii U's interface, you'll be starting from scratch there.

Oh well. You'll just have to play Chrono Trigger all over again. Poor you!