Project X Zone, the rather fabulous-looking crossover strategy-RPG featuring characters from SEGA, Capcom and Namco Bandai franchises, looked destined to be a Japan-only release, especially after underwhelming sales prompted a hefty price-cut. In surprising news, Namco Bandai has confirmed that the title is being localised to PAL regions and North America this summer, though no fixed date has been given yet.

With Monolith Soft in the development hot-seat we've had high hopes for this one here at Nintendo Life; below is some blurb about the game if, somehow, you've been unaware of it up to now.

Developed by Monolith Soft and Banpresto, Project X Zone features over 50 playable characters from 29 historic game franchises by three of Japan’s most respected video game companies. In Project X Zone players will use a team of two characters known as a Pair Unit to explore the world within the game. An additional character known as a Solo Unit can be combined with the Pair Unit to assist in battles with Solo Attacks as well as augment the attacks available for players to execute. Throughout the game, epic battles are waiting to erupt at a moment’s notice. Players will have to master an array of screen-busting moves including Solo Attacks, Support Attacks, Cross Hits, and Finishing Moves in order to defeat a multitude of foes.

Project X Zone takes place in a world surrounded by a hidden chaos with shadows and evil lurking beneath the peaceful cover of everyday life. When a rift in time and space suddenly appears, a doorway to various universes is opened allowing both heroes and villains from different worlds to cross paths. Players will be able to take control of a huge selection of paired heroes including favorites such as Jin and Xiaoyu (TEKKEN), Toma and Cyrille (Shining Force EXA), to X and Zero (Mega Man™ X) and discover the cause of the rift and stop evil from coming through and spreading into their world.

This 3DS exclusive is one we're looking forward to trying out; below is a lengthy old trailer that shows the game in all of its promisingly colourful, barmy goodness.

Are you excited about Project X Zone getting localised?