The Cave

It's the first new download-only release on the Wii U eShop in 2013, so we thought we'd remind those of you in North America that The Cave is now available for download in your region — no need to wait for the download update on Thursday. The full game is $14.99, while Europeans will have to pay €12.99 / £9.99 when it arrives on Wednesday 23rd January. Curiously, while a demo is confirmed for the European release we can't find a free sample in the North American eShop; either it's not been uploaded yet, we can't find it, or perhaps SEGA of America hasn't prepared one for the region.

This is a puzzle platformer, for those unfamiliar so far, which asks you to pick three of seven characters with different abilities — seeing all of their stories will require multiple playthroughs. Far from being a dull cave, meanwhile, the environment transports you to a number of varied settings with challenging obstacles to overcome. Fans of PC gaming in the 1990's should also know that the man behind the game is Ron Gilbert, famous for classic point and click adventures such as the original Monkey Island games.

Judging from the extended Character trailer below, you can expect a fair share of clever puzzles and quirky humour. We are, of course, working on getting a review ready for you as soon as possible.