Listen to the doctor

While Brain Age: Concentration Training will encourage youthful and focused brains in North America soon, it seems Europeans will need to wait until 12th April. Snappily titled Dr Kawashima's Devilish Brain Training: Can You Stay Focused? in the region, it will arrive as both a physical and downloadable retail release.

With a focus on short, challenging exercises to improve focus and concentration in an age of excessive multi-tasking and multiple distractions, this release will adopt a slightly different approach. Nintendo's announcement on the EU release was accompanied by details of the Devilish Mice test, which tasks you with tracking the paths of multiple mice all at once. That's one example of the exercises to be included; there'll be 30 exercises and mini-games, 18 of which are brand new.

We recently gave our impressions of the North American Brain Age: Concentration Training demo, which proved handy for sharpening minds. For those of us in Europe, we'll have to carry on with our weary old brains for a little longer.