We reported last month that A4 Games - developer of Metro: Last Light - had found that the Wii U had a "horrible, slow CPU", with Huw Beynon of THQ elaborating that the console wasn't "worth pursuing at this time". The end result is that Wii U owners aren't going to see the first person shooter on their consoles next year.

However, it has now emerged that faults with the system weren't to blame for the title not coming to Wii U. Here's a small section taken from Benyon's interview with SPOnG:

SPOnG: The Wii U version is obviously not being worked on anymore. How far did you guys get on it before you cancelled it? Did you guys have an opportunity to use the GamePad?

Huw Benyon: Our look at the Wii U extended to a very early look at some very early kits. We...we did some work on it, but we made a decision fairly early on that we weren’t going to commit further resource to it. So yeah, we didn’t go too far. Take any of the comments you’ve seen attributed with a pinch of salt - it’s certainly not been based on any kind of analysis of final hardware.