Yes he does

Another year, another Video Game Awards (VGA) extravaganza on Spike TV. The VGAs are undoubtedly polarising within the gaming community, possibly due to their reliance on celebrity presenters — Samuel L. Jackson made his fourth appearance this year — exclusive premieres of trailers and a lot of glitzy goings-on that don't necessarily focus on the subject at hand, such as the best games of the year.

Still, it's a high-profile event in the gaming calendar regardless of the varied opinions on the Twittersphere, so we scanned the results to see how Nintendo fared; not very well, it transpired. The only Nintendo winner was New Super Mario Bros. U, walking away with the prize in the Best Wii / Wii U game category, seeing off competition from The Last Story, Xenoblade Chronicles and ZombiU. Unfortunately the official page for the award — at the time of writing — lists Nintendo's new console as Wii-U rather than Wii U; oh well.

The year's 3DS library only received one of the four nominations in the Handheld / Mobile category, New Super Mario Bros. 2, which missed out to the creative PS Vita title Sound Shapes. In terms of the other categories, it's unsurprising that Nintendo didn't feature more prominently, due to the dwindling output of Wii and the only-recent arrival of Wii U.

So there you have it, the only Nintendo-exclusive to win a VGA was in a Nintendo system's category. The winner of the big prize, Game of the Year, was multi-platform episodic release The Walking Dead: The Game.