Selling like hot cakes

Recently we learnt that the 3DS was dominating sales in Japan with the portable console shifting 2.5 times more units than all other platforms combined. It seems this momentum isn’t showing any signs of slowing down either, as this week’s impressive sales have seen it leapfrog a big rival in total sales.

According to Media Create, the 3DS sold 211,499 units between 3rd December and 9th December, bringing its lifetime total in Japan to a staggering 8,799,378 consoles – overtaking the Playstation 3 which has sold 8,716,260 systems in its homeland.

The success of the 3DS isn't being mirrored by its biggest rival the PlayStation Vita however, which only managed to shift 11,039 units, 8,598 less than its predecessor the PSP. The only console that managed to outsell the 3DS this week in Japan was newly-launched Wii U, which shifted 308,142 units - we’re sure Nintendo won’t mind that too much.

The full hardware chart is below (numbers in brackets are lifetime figures):

Nintendo Wii U - 308,142 (308,142)
Nintendo 3DS – 211,499 (8,799,378)
PlayStation 3 – 36,994 (8,716,260)
PSP – 19,637 (19,488,236)
PlayStation Vita – 11,039 (1,074,621)
Nintendo Wii – 6,714 (12,608,700)
Xbox 360 – 1,216 (1,608,399)
PlayStation 2 – 904 (21,829,112)
Nintendo DS – 424 (32,875,469)

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