One of the big draws for the Wii U Premium Pack is its reward scheme which allows users to gain money back on their eShop purchases. It was originally claimed that eShoppers would gain 10% back as a reward but it appears this is not the case - it’s a little bit less.

Nintendo UK has revealed a little bit more information on how all of this will work confirming that for every pound (or euro) spent on eShop purchases you will receive 8 points. Once you’ve amassed 500 points you can then apply for a £5 discount code, which can then be redeemed in the eShop for more downloadable goodies.

Time for some maths, then. To get yourself up to 500 points you’ll need to spend £62.50 in the eShop, which may be £63 in reality as Nintendo hasn't confirmed that you’ll get those much-needed 4 points for 50p. For example, if you purchased a game worth £7.50 it’s unclear whether or not you’ll receive 56 points or 60. Either way it seems that users will receive 8% back on their eShop purchases, which is not to be sniffed at.

Naturally there are other benefits to owning a Premium Wii U such as the inclusion of Nintendo Land and the 32GB of storage space (which is really 25GB after all the necessary formatting and built-in data has been taken into account).

This limited storage issue can be resolved by attaching a USB storage device of up to 2TB. Nintendo will be addressing this with an update in December although bizarrely, though it will allow larger devices to be recognised, 2TB of space will still be the maximum amount that can be used. This means a 4TB storage device will still be formatted to the Wii U console but will only have half its space available for storage.

What do you think about all these developments? Are you happy with the eShop reward scheme? Let us know in the comments below.

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