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Aliens: Colonial Marines, from Gearbox Software, is a high-profile multi-platform title on the list of those making their way to Wii U, with confirmation that it's due in the "launch window" — up to 31st March — which means that it may hit Nintendo's console around the same time as its February release on other systems. That's positive news in itself, but studio director Randy Pitchford has once again weighed in with some complimentary comments on Wii U and its GamePad.

Pitchford has previously talked up Nintendo's system, talking in May about Aliens: Colonial Marines on Wii U being the "best looking" version. In a recent interview with Joystiq, he's directed his attention to the GamePad and what it can bring to the FPS genre. We already know to expect the iconic Aliens radar on the second screen, but Pitchford spoke about the controller's credentials in terms of its ability to offer play away from the TV, and made a dual screen comparison to rival options from Sony and Microsoft: Vita-PS3 crossplay and SmartGlass.

This is the best controller Nintendo's ever made for making an FPS. This is the best controller Nintendo has ever given us for playing hardcore games.

With the Wii U they (Nintendo) committed themselves to this promise. So the link is direct, fast and immediate. Things like SmartGlass and Vita, they appreciate the value of the promise so they're making the promise. But they're not in with such commitment.

Conceivably there's things you can do on all three without negative impact but because of Nintendo's commitment to it there are something's that could work there that just wouldn't work as well with SmartGlass or with the crossplay between PS3 and Vita.

It's a common line for detractors of Wii U to state that the innovation of dual screen play is nothing revolutionary, certainly not in comparison to the Wii Remote. Perhaps Pitchford has a point in that having a link that is specifically built in as a core part of the system, as opposed to an optional extra, will give Wii U capabilities in dual screen interaction and asynchronous multiplayer not possible as instinctively and successfully on other devices. Ultimately, the quality of games and how they use the GamePad will be the test.

What do you think about Pitchford's comments? Do you agree with his comments on the GamePad, and do you think the it'll be the ideal controller for FPS or "hardcore" games? Sound off in the comments below.

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