Capcom's Corporate Officer and Senior Vice-President Christian Svensson has confirmed that the company currently has no plans to bring Lost Planet spin-off EX Troopers to the west.

The disappointing news was delivered in an 'Ask Capcom' thread on the company's official forums.

The forum member's original question actually related to the thorny issue of the Mega Man series, and a recent comment by Svensson that he feels the franchise has too many 'sub series'. To counter this argument, the forum poster mentioned EX Troopers based on the fact that it's a sub series of Lost Planet, seemingly making the assumption that the game would be heading out of Japan.

Svensson's response was:

No because EX Troopers isn't part of the LP series officially (thus the difference in name) nor are there plans to bring it Westward at this time.

So there you have it - Capcom isn't looking to translate and publish EX Troopers outside of its native Japan, where it launches on November 22nd of this year.

Just to rub salt in the wound, here's a lovely trailer for said game. Enjoy it through the tears you will inevitably weep.