Sweet music

We're all quite excited about Rhythm Hunter: HarmoKnight here at Nintendo Life - it was arguably one of the highlights of the Japanese Nintendo Direct broadcast last week. Combining platforming with rhythm action, the game launches in Japan this week, although a western release hasn't been confirmed as yet.

However, should HarmoKnight ever succeed in breaking out of The Land of the Rising Sun and landing himself on western shores, you may want to make sure you have a bigger SD card. According to NintenDaan's Twitter account, the game occupies over 2000 blocks on your SD card - almost as much space as New Super Mario Bros. 2 takes up.

Sounds like we could have an epic game on our hands...or it could mean that the number (and quality) of the songs available in the game has resulted in a large download. Pick whichever reason excites you the most!

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