id Software Technical Director and co-founder John Carmack has stated that he'd love to bring Doom 3 BFG Edition to Wii U - as well as other platforms - but has also admitted that his team's lack of time means that it won't be happening just yet.

Here's what he said:

I wish that we could deploy this on a bunch of other code bases. I love platforms...I love looking for the fun things to do on different ones. I've been bringing up quietly at a bunch of the meetings, "You know, we could make a Vita version, a Wii U version, an iPhone/Android version." All of these would be reasonable platforms to take this technology...we do have a very busy development schedule and nothing else is really planned for that.

Carmack is heavily involved in a lot of cool stuff right now - he recently gave his seal of approval to the potentially ground-breaking VR headset Oculus Rift - and it would be amazing to see what he and his team at id Software could do with the Wii U. Alas, it appears that we'll have to wait for a gap in their schedule to find out.

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