They're all happy

Earlier this week we brought you the news that Nintendo was not only continuing to enjoy a good run with 3DS hardware sales in its homeland, but that the top ten in the software charts were all on Nintendo systems. Chart masters Media Create have now produced some follow-up information that makes even more good reading for the company.

If you combine software and hardware, Nintendo currently holds a market share in Japan of around 70%, though of course the software part of that equation features a number of third-party publishers. The continuing success of 3DS means that the hardware figure gives a share of roughly 75%, while the software figure for Nintendo systems was 69.74%. Even allowing for margins of error in sales figures, over two-thirds of the gaming market in Japan is impressive.

One negative is that overall sales for this Japanese holiday (Obon) are down on past years, with a drop of just under 10% on the 2011 results. Nevertheless, Nintendo isn't having any problems with sales in Japan, so it'll be worthwhile to keep an eye on its sales performance elsewhere.