Nicalis is one of the most well-known publishers on Nintendo's download services, and has already weighed in on the 3DS eShop with indie classic VVVVVV, which we voted as our favourite eShop game back in June. The developer and publisher is also well known by Nintendo download enthusiasts for producing three separate versions of Cave Story, with a fourth apparently on the way. Happily, the latest reveal from Nicalis is something new, and it looks like it could be rather good.

A trailer has been revealed for Yatagarasu, a 2D fighting game on the way to eShop in Europe and North America. It has some significant pedigree, with members of the small development team having previous experience on the King of Fighters series; it'll feature single and two player versus, a training mode and will have parry attacks in its move set.

Attendees at PAX Prime will be able to try it out at the Indie Megabooth, and we hope to go hands on and bring you some impressions soon. Check out the trailer below, and like us you can soak in the slightly cheesy rock track and wonder why some characters have localised names displayed and others don't. Either way, it looks full of promise.