Pushing Square since... now.

Our quest for world domination took a giant step forward today with the much anticipated launch of Push Square, our new PlayStation-oriented news and reviews site.

When we launched Movemodo back in 2010, many of you asked "why not do a full-on PlayStation site? I would totally dig that," so we've teamed up with long-time PlayStation writer — and Nintendo Life alumnus — Sammy Barker to bring you a bigger, stronger site that we think you're going to love.

As always, we want to stress that this does not take any of our focus off Nintendo Life — we have a lot of exciting stuff in the works for you guys this year, some of which you'll see in the very near future.

You can Follow Push Square on Twitter or Like Push Square on Facebook too.

Don't forget your Nintendo Life account works over at Push Square so go see what we've got waiting for you over there and rustle up some discussion.

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