Capcom's experimentation with 3D sound in its upcoming adventure game Nazo Waku Yakata (roughly translated as Nazo Waku Mansion) certainly gathered interest when initial game details were revealed in March. Now courtesy of the game's official website, the Japanese release date has been announced, a move that's sure to remind some in the West to once again ponder if the game will get localised at some point or not.

The game tasks players with exploring rooms that are in the aforementioned mansion, interacting with the strange residents along the way. By using the 3DS's gyro sensor, players can tilt and rotate the console to alter their viewpoint during their investigations. The game's control scheme will not utilise the buttons on the 3DS.

Otophonic technology is used in the game's audio design to create sound that travels 360-degrees. Examples include the blowing of air into the player's ear by a maid, and the sound of being wrapped up in tape. Watch the latest Japanese trailer below where you can listen to the 3D sound effect yourself and catch a glimpse of a well-known street fighter from a popular beat 'em up franchise.

Nazo Waku Yakata is set to launch in Japan on 4th August. If you'd like to see localisations, make yourself heard.