Conduit 2 received some pretty unfavourable review scores, including a 5/10 in our own Conduit 2 review, but Joystiq was especially venomous, their reviewer T. Michael Murdock giving the game a 1/5 score. High Voltage's response will shock you.

The studio has admitted it advised staff to write reader reviews of Murdock's book The Dragon Ruby on Amazon, the page filling with vitriolic reviews such as this one:

this book, i started to read it but after the first page i got sick, such bad writing with a guy with no backbone......

And this gem:

worst book ever dr suess books have more depth .After the first chapter of it i threw it out my window.It was a good chew toy for my dog.

High Voltage's Eric Nofsinger claims employees were recommended to read the book before writing a review, which is about as likely as Joystiq getting the exclusive reveal of Conduit 3, in all honesty.

Marooner's Rock covered the whole sorry saga, and you can read the Amazon reader reviews too.

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