Early last month we got word that High Voltage Software was in a position where a tech-demo of a 3DS instalment of Conduit 2 was looking likely for this year's Game Developers Conference, and the studio certainly delivered.

As reported by Nintendo World Report, what was shown at GDC reflected ideas still in the conceptual stages of development. It seems the Conduit 2 engine had been ported over from the Wii, with several game environments looking near-identical to their Wii counterparts.

Although decent technical progress has clearly been made, High Voltage Software is still in the experimental stages. Elements like the narrative and game controls haven't been decided yet. The tech-demo had implemented a control layout similar to most DS first-person shooters: movement is controlled by the D-Pad; L deals with shooting; jumping, targeting and weapons cycling is performed with the stylus (or buttons). The developer acknowledges that in high-intensity combat situations, this rather unstable control scheme might make it difficult to keep the 3DS in its sweet spot in order for the stereoscopic effects to remain visible. Developers and gamers are likely to have to adapt in some way if these types of games are to be played.

Regarding the storyline, High Voltage Software would like to explore the franchise's universe even more, possibly by making a prequel that will explore some of the more mysterious characters from the Wii instalments. Multiplayer is also something the studio is looking into.

[source nintendoworldreport.com]