D-Pad directions designed for dexterous digits

For a game based on imagination, you wouldn't have expected Scribblenauts to have frustrated gamers in such a basic regard, but its touchscreen controls rubbed plenty of gamers up the wrong way, complaining they lacked the precision required to manoeuvre Maxwell around his sketchy world. Developer 5th Cell is confident there'll be no such complaints about upcoming sequel Super Scribblenauts, as it specifically included D-Pad controls to appease core gamers.

What seems on the surface like a simple change actually caused a lot of work for the team. Although Maxwell seems like a player-controlled character, he's actually artificially intelligent, having been programmed to react to the objects and events that happen within his world. Placing Maxwell under direct player control required much of the first game's code to be replaced, but the pay-off is for core players to have much clearer control when the game's launched later this year.

[source joystiq.com]