The upcoming Nintendo 3DS has shown that it can perform new tricks that no other portable system has performed before, and this latest raising-of the-bar has opened up the minds of developers and allowed them to conceive of new ideas that were previously not possible due to the available technology.

Having developed The Conduit and its upcoming sequel, both don't stray far from the typical first-person shooter, and the beat 'em up Tournament of Legends is a recognisable fighting game; but to High Voltage's credit, both sets of releases aren't afraid to utilise the system's capabilities and make use of the Wii's motion controls. So what will the studio come up with for the 3DS and its next generation of tech-features?

Speaking to Official Nintendo Magazine, Bill Sulivan, a designer at High Voltage, has expressed the company's excitement with the new hardware:

It's easy to work with incrementally improved technology but the 3DS isn't just another step in a set direction, it's a completely different path... It's very exciting to brainstorm for a system with multiple cameras, touch-screen capability, 3D visuals, and motion control. We already have hundreds of ideas for our games that break the mould and free our minds from limitations that we have had in the past.

It's good to hear them speak of what can be done with the 3DS so optimistically and we hope some of those ideas actually come to fruition.