It's not uncommon for companies to register trademarks for potential names of products and services, and whilst most will disappear into the mist of time, never to be used, a select few actually will. We'll leave it to you to decide if the latest Nintendo trademarks hit the spot. That is, until their potential use.

We know the company plans to offer 3DS gamers updates of games, even if doing something as nonchalant as passing by each other in a busy street, through an expanded and integrated version of the DS's Tag Mode. Recently uncovered trademarks (via Siliconera) that have been registered in Japan have shown us some potential names for said service, as well as what sounds like potential software for the 3D wonder machine.

CrossPass, CrossPass Mode, CrossPass Network, and CrossPass Connection all sound like possible names of the always-connected Tag feature, whilst 3D Paddleball, 3D Challenge, and 3D Hopper are more likely to be games or tech demos. Target Shooting has also been registered, which was a demo that was shown off at E3.

Sound catchy?