The greatest disc golf players in the land

Like with many other art-forms, when you're known for creating something that almost becomes a category that hangs over your head, a change of direction may seem like the order of the day. That's what Sonalysts seems to be doing as it prepares for its upcoming new title for WiiWare download.

Having already developed four naval warfare modelling and simulation games, Zoo Disc Golf will be the studio's first home console game and it's unmistakeably something different to what it's worked on in the past. The game is what it says on the tin: a disc golf game with animals. We don't mean players have to throw animals around to score points, of course.

After the zoo closes, a meerkat, rockhopper penguin, kangaroo and a panda break out of their cages and decide to challenge each other to disc golf, naturally. The game is spread over 18 courses, each with unique challenges. Supporting up to four-player multiplay, gamers will swing the Wii Remote in order to throw the in-game disc, being careful to avoid obstacles like rocks, bushes, trees, and even other animals trying to get a bit of shut-eye. Players can choose to compete in a 3-hole, 9-hole, or 18-hole round; with the courses steadily increasing in difficulty.

Zoo Disc Golf is currently scheduled for an American release on 7th June at a cost of 1000 Points. No other regional release details have yet been confirmed.