He's probably playing Big Beach Sports

Reaction to Sony's PlayStation Move controller has been a little mixed among Nintendo fans, not to mention the response to its initial launch line-up which looks to repeat some of the Wii's success in bringing motion control to the masses. Sony aren't interested in making another Wii though, going out of its way to tell developers not to bring rehashes of Wii titles across. Sony's Vice President of publisher relations Rob Dyer laid out the letter of the law in a recent interview with Gamasutra:

It was never going to work, anyway. It didn't work on the Wii for a reason. That category didn't. Why did you think it was going to work on this one, as well?

Despite his protestations we already know of several titles making the transition from Wii to Move, so don't be surprised to see familiar boxart in smaller, clearer boxes when Sony's new motion controller launches later this year. And don't be surprised to see them not selling on PS3 either.

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