What mundane or intriguing secrets does the RVL-036 hold?

Three years after the launch of the Wii, Nintendo updated its control method by introducing the MotionPlus accessory with its near 1:1 motion replication. Apparently, it took a few years to get the technology compact enough to work ergonomically as a discreet add-on and with the peripheral's first birthday over the horizon, a recent Federal Communications Commission filing that refers to a Wii Remote has us in speculation-mode.

It seems a Wii Remote has passed safety testing and been approved by the FCC, but it leaves us scratching our heads as to what it is. Model no. RVL-036 is clearly a Wii controller but the technology behind the submission is still unclear. It's standard procedure to secure confidentiality when new products get developed, but the documents that are available on the agency's website don't reveal a whole lot more other than it is a Bluetooth device and some tech-orientated test results, oh... and there was a test engineer called Billy.

Engadget suggests that it could be a new Wii Remote with MotionPlus built in; which would be nice. At this stage, all is just speculation, and the possibility that it's just a standard remote with some fancy new copper wiring or a more responsive Bluetooth chip is just as valid.

[source fjallfoss.fcc.gov]