Wonder if we will be able to cross that bridge

A couple of days ago, we showed you a glimpse of the weird and wonderful creatures that gamers will encounter in Pokémon Black & White as images of the starting-three made their way to Coro Coro Magazine. The Pokémon Company has now updated the game's site with additional information on this trio, as well as the region the game is set in and the two main characters that players will be able to choose from.

The official Japanese website for Pokémon Black & White reveals that the game will be set in a region called Iishu, which is supposedly far away from any location that's been previously covered in other Pokémon games. A land where the greenery of nature surrounds a contemporary megalopolis, it is not only a balance of man and nature, but a place filled with never-before seen Pokémon waiting to be bagged and tagged.

Our protagonists are your usual trendy-looking male and female youth, and the Pokémon starting line-up comprises Pokabu, a fire pig with ears that look like they belong to a rabbit (also known as Hamferno in these parts – Editor); Mijumaru, a feline-otter hybrid variety with a rather disturbing protrusion on its belly; and Tsutarja, a smug-looking lizard-type Pokémon with a leaf-like tail.

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