Good luck Helen, have a gold star

Here's a heartwarming story for you: a young girl, frustrated at not being bought a DS console by her parents, wrote a letter to Nintendo as part of a school project, praising the company and explaining her situation. Signing off with a polite – if somewhat cheeky – request for a console, she was understandably thrilled when Nintendo obliged by sending her a console. Sadly the girl's teacher wasn't quite as impressed, only awarding the letter a C grade.

Since then Nintendo of Australia have been keen to stress this isn't the kind of thing they usually do, as Heather Murphy states:

Nintendo always calls the school, hospital, retirement home, or whatever it may be to ensure the letter is legitimate. Nintendo does not routinely give away products in response to letters. From time to time, we may donate product to schools, hospitals or retirement villages.

So don't get your hopes up thinking some childish handwriting and a heartbreaking story will net you a Wii, because it won't. Unless you really have childish handwriting and a heartbreaking story, in which case: good luck.